Healthy start for the day

There’s always something extra to look forward to when we roll out of bed, have devotion with our Maker and get ready for work. It’s the few minutes we spend having breakfast, chatting up random topics and then going off to work.

Since good habits are hard to come by, we have recently tried to adopt the habit of eating healthy. I’ve often received comments that I’m a health freak or super health conscious – even from Terence! But I guess I’m making my first convert right under my roof!

I woke up one morning ready for work wondering if I should cut the dragon fruit for breakfast or bowl of cereal. Much to my surprise breakfast was already prepared. Fresh yoghurt, fruits and digestive biscuits make the best combi. We don’t really have a name for it – but I’d decide on “Healthy Trifle”. We got this recipe from Karen Cheng – get the recipe here.

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