Hunt for the wedding dress

So we returned Bangkok a week ago with overflowing bags and satisfied grins across our faces. Our search for bridal wear was a huge success. Strolling over half a dozen bridal shops and finally choosing ‘the’ dress is a real relieve and half a chunk bitten off our pockets. I’d rather not think about that for now. So let’s back track a few weeks when our hunt actually began.

Two weeks prior to Bangkok foremost taste of bridal shopping when a few selected shops in SS2 were chosen for our experiment. Setting eyes on some gorgeous gowns I couldn’t resist but to try them on. The only setback was most of them topped the RM4k mark for purchase and dipped slightly lower if we were to rent it. Rental prices easily starts at a ridiculous RM2.5k for a week! Anyway we took some “sneak” pictures just for blogging sake. Quality is not fantastic as it was taken on with a camera phone.

Champagne coloured strapless full gown with a mighty long train (absolutely gorgeous)

I call this a cake dress. Looks weird on the hanger but fits perfectly on the body.

Classic wedding dress with silver embroidery on the top. It’s pretty heavy too!

Simple dress, more suited for the bridesmaid though.

Off shoulder A-line dress with a tinge of pink ripples down the front – very sweet.

After our foretaste in SS2, we were full on to search out Bangkok. If you’re getting married (or know someone who’s about to tie the knot), I highly suggest a trip to Bangkok as things are relatively cheaper there and selection is plenty. Apart from the dress and suits, Chatuchak is also a great place to pile on the wedding favors and even some household items for the new home.

Back to our search, on Saturday morning we headed to Thong Lor station via BTS (Bangkok’s LRT) and scouted for Sukhumvit 55, the street a local dress maker suggested we go to. It’s a typical main road with wide walkways and huge trees for shade. Zig zagging right and left, we hopped from one shop to another along the entire street.

Some dresses were extremely gawdy with tons of beading and lace plastered all over, while some were just too ‘show biz’ to even have on your wedding day. We would enter each shop asking if they had simple wedding dresses. If their answer was no, we’d walk straight out. The irony of it is that in Bangkok, the outlook of the shop does not reflect the choice of dresses they carry. More often than not, we found pretty dresses in not so nice looking shops. Here’s one of them.

Heart shaped crinkled top with a free flowing skirt. Apparently some dresses were imported from Italy and this is one of them.

After 4 hours of getting in and out of gowns, alas! we set eyes on ‘the’ dress. As tradition goes, the groom isn’t suppose to see the bride on the day before the wedding – same goes for the dress, the guests aren’t suppose to see the dress before the day of the wedding. So you’d just have to wait 🙂 All I can say is it’s a princess cut a-line dress with intricate hand beading painstakingly sewn and designed by a petite Thai lady.


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