KL to London…

Saying goodbye was the hardest, but an irresistible itinerary awaits us. With lots of hugs and (uncontrollable) tears, Terence and I bid farewell to my family and headed to the boarding room at LCCT. We had looming thoughts of how we would survive the 14 hour flight on Air Asia X. Picked up a few nasty comments about seats being too small and not able to recline fully – we braced ourselves for the worst. Our backpacks were filled with books, Scrabble and a journal to scribble on in case we ran out of things to do.

Much to our surprise – 14 hours flew by quickly with 2 serves of meals, 1 hour of Scrabble, 4 hours of reading and the rest of the time snoozing. The seats were very comfortable and nothing dreadful to complain about. As walked out of the plane and into Stansted Airport, our eyes sparkled at the first sights of snow on the walkway. I bet the workers were cursing and grumbling having to work in nasty weather conditions but there were these 2 Malaysians leaping with joy and tugging at each other for mere excitement at white fluff!

Chern picked us up at the airport and hurried us to catch our bus into London. It wasn’t another hour before we arrived at her home in East London. We retired the night not long after…

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