Life is an adventure with you!

Time has passed us so quickly. Terence and I recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It was four years ago when we read our hand written vows to reach other at our beautiful wedding shared by family and friends. The wedding has long passed with tangible memories to hold – but the living it is now and a lifetime.

Year One was a lot of smoothing out the edges. Despite bring friends for 14 years, there was still a lot to learn and unlearned. Our home was just becoming a sanctuary and we had to try hard not to pick on each other’s bad habits. Of course, year one was also the first of many new things like (sky diving and bungee jumping) and we also started a new venture – one that brought us great joy in doing what we love.

Year Two was getting into the routine. Where to put the keys, who cleans the toilet, sorting schedules, stocking the pantry and all things under our roof. Our little sanctuary finally felt lived in – familiar, comfy and a safe haven to go back to. It was also in this year that we figured how much time to spend with both families amidst our demanding schedules. Expectations were met, everyone was happy – but of course, more time is a welcome.

Year Three – at the end of Year Two, we took off to a crazy idea of traveling two continents – Europe and South Africa in 3 months. We did it – witnessed pretty snowflakes fall from the sky, was mesmerized by Europe’s illustrious history and culture, swam with the  great white,  hiked table mountain and roamed with the wild. What a great start to Year Three and the craziness continued throughout the year as work brought us to different places and we made our first medical mission trip to Cambodia for missions.

Year Four, our sanctuary has now become a nest where warmth and security abide. We’ve learned to appreciate each other’s differences and similarities. We’ve stopped trying to make the other more like me. It’s our differences that bind us together – after all life would be boring if all is same-same. Our hunger for travel and passion for people is what we’re wild about – so year four, we dove (deeper) into various projects and committed ourselves to seeing lives changed (by the grace of God). Yet in the thick of it all, we found time to sneak away to see the Taj and tread with tigers.

I’m thankful everyday that I’ve found my best friend (in my teens) and married him (in my tweens). Life has been an adventure with my best friend. At times it’s like riding on a 4WD through rough terrain and for most times we just set our sails to drift and allow the winds of change to take us to unexplored territories. Through it all, I’m rest assured that God is on our side and He’s guiding our path. “Time for junior” everyone chimes. Perhaps that would be our major milestone for Year Five? In His time…


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