Project Gift: March 2011

Last month’s Project Gift went to the Pastor & people in Cambodia whom we personally visited for the 2nd time. I will write separate post about the amazing things happening in Cambodia and how far a few dollars can stretch in making an impact in the lives of people.

This month having been bombarded with news about Japan since the tsunami hit last week, and just this morning about another earthquake in Myanmar, we have been incredibly moved by the massive death toll and destruction that’s gripping our earth, particularly in Japan at this very moment. Having the opportunity to be in Aceh in 2006, two months after the Tsunami hit we caught a glimpse of how natural disaster can instantaneously turn a calm village into devastating bedrock of calamity. And regardless of how much we read, listen and watch on TV – only those on ground will ever understand what it means to have the world in one day and nothing the following day.

We will continue to pray and believe that God is in the midst of all this because

“God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” Psalm 9:18.

And to put action to prayer is to do something! In John 4, Jesus talked about true worshipers worshiping in spirit and in truth. True worship stems from doing. The Bible also records a scripture from James that true religion comes from doing.

This month’s Project Gift goes to Japan via Do Something Now. Do Something Now is a movement by Passion, a ministry known for their worship and music. Worship is more than just music or good music. Worship is more than just notes and singing in the right tune. Worship is more than just recording labels. Worship is also about doing something unto the Father, our Heavenly Father.

Let’s put action to prayer… do something now!


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