Toothache tales

I absolutely dread toothaches. They are like unpredictable time bombs that just erupt with no warning whatsoever. I was stricken with swollen gums a few days back. As always visits to the dentist is purely agonizing. From the bitter cold of the clinic to the drilling sounds of ‘teeth borer’ – everything at a dental clinic is unfriendly and hostile to me.

Guess what I was not the only one who shared the same opinion. After my appointment, this middle age guy stared at me blankly as I walked out of the room. His face held a familiar look – the look of fear. His first words to me was not “Hi”, instead our conversation snowballed into something like this:

Guy: How was it? Was it painful?
Deb: It’s not that painful (only to comfort him). You will be fine.
Guy: Is the dentist gentle?
Deb: Yeah he is (this is true)
Guy: You seem ok
Deb: Nods (Glad I manage to mask my fear. Imagine if I came out all pale, he would have shivered and ran out!)
Guy: I’ve not been to the dentist for many years. I’m actually scared. (For a middle age man to confess to a stranger that he is scared, that really is something!)
Deb: (Manages a look of comfort) You will be fine. Dentist is nice. Whatever you do, don’t move too much even when it is painful!

Oh I’ve heard too many horror stories of dental patients. Let’s not get into that. For now my gums are healing, swelling has gone down. Terence even bought flowers to brighten my day. The dentist took an x-ray and discovered that both my wisdom teeth were stuck under the gums. Eventually (which means in the near future) I will need to go for surgery to extract the little white rascals. Gives me shudders even thinking about it.

I’m sure I’m not the only person on the planet to go through this. Share your tooth surgery story and provide me some comfort. I’d love to hear about it. Email me or drop me a comment.

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