Turning 30!

Somehow the 30 mark is always more significant for a girl than for a guy. Or at least that’s my general observation. For guys, the 40 mark is undeniably a more significant milestone. For me, turning 30 meant that the 20s are over – really over. It’s a new digit for the next 10 years! Yikes…! But all in all it’s just a number. To be honest, I don’t feel any different – no gloom or doom. But excitement for what lies ahead.

The last 30 years has been a blast and nothing short of that. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in a close knit family, surrounded myself with inspiring, nurturing, adventurous people, worked with people of the like-mind, travelled to places I (actually) dreamt of going to, did a bunch of crazy stuff (that I’d think thrice repeating), learned many lessons the hard way, had my heart broken several times, married my best friend and built a home & family together.

And in this somewhat short and meaningful journey, I’ve harvested a few nuggets that I consider more precious than gold. It’s in reflections like this that turned experiences into wisdom. Here are a few I’d like to share:

God – is and forever will be my first love. Apart from Him I am nothing. I can’t imagine a life without God because I’m fallible but He is able (yes, even in the impossible).

Family – There’s nothing more powerful than a family that sticks together. It’s the foundation of life and a safe haven to run back to. It’s where identity is birthed and issues are sorted. And somewhere along the way, we (may) meet people who find themselves in our family fold. It’s when something happens in the heart.

Marriage – It a lifetime journey. It takes (a lot of) work! It’s like a seed planted in the pot – without water and sun, it dies although the pot remains. But when we sow and give it time to grow, the relationships blossoms and bears fruits. Occasionally the plant needs trimming as well – that’s when we learned to bare it all and work through issues, although it hurts.

Work – Work not for money or status, but work with passion and in something that harnesses your skills and talents. Yes, at the end of the day – we need money to survive, but I’ve learned that if we place priorities ahead of the paycheck all things will eventually fall into place. And many times it’s not about finding the dream job but finding your position in the workplace.

Giving back – If we lived our lives just for ourselves – sooner or later we will reach a point where we realize that it’s all very worthless. Empires, bank accounts and material goods will fade away. It’s only when we learn to give of ourselves that our lives become more meaningful and rich. I’ve learned that the little I give always returns to me multiplied.

Living life to the fullest – I’ve been met with many disappointments and survived many unexpected events that crushed my heart, but life really is too short to waste or wallow in our little bubbles. Take chances, don’t be afraid to fail because without failure we will not know the taste of success, step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to dream (God is bigger than the sum of our dreams)!



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