Two favourite questions

Before you’re married, most people will hound you with the inescapable “So, when are you getting married?” question. Almost immediately after you tie the knot (before you go off on your honeymoon) friends are already asking, “So are you planning to have children?”. We survived 4 years of that and now that we’re expecting – here are two questions that top the list:

Q #1 : So is it a boy or a girl?
A: If I knew I would have already told you so that you can start shopping for our lil bub! We have no clue and will find out in a couple of months (or less).

Q #2: Any baby names yet?
A: No, we are keeping our options open and maybe even a secret until his/her arrival. Some names are a definite no-no ; Manchester, Rooney, Cantona, Trafford. You get the drift. But if you have any names that you can’t go without us hearing about it – let us know!


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