Two years and counting

We’ve reached yet another milestone in our marriage, though our wedding was 2 years ago, the celebration continues (everyday). It’s been an incredible adventure thus far. Sure we have our squabbles, rifts and not-so-great-days, but conflicts only makes us a better person, a stronger couple – if we choose to work through it. One of the things that amaze me most about Terence is his passion and sincerity to work this marriage. Honeymoon years are great, feeling all fuzzy and warmth in the new found union – time passes quickly too but for a marriage to last, it takes lots of work and effort to prepare for turbulent times. I’m ever grateful to have a husband which sure foresight to challenge us to greater depth and heights.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve reached our lifelong dream to travel to 2 continents, made a new list of destinations to conquer, created our own set of rules at No.8 (for example, if Terence cooks, Deb doesn’t enter the kitchen, if she does she’d end up complaining at how messy it is) and learned which buttons to push and which to stay clear of.

We’ve learned that loving without holding back makes us vulnerable to each other but almost always, it opens an opportunity for us to receive more than we can ever give. How true when the Bible says, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). I love the Maker and Author of marriages! My deepest desire is for this marriage to be a reflection of Him – His love and character.

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🙂 your couple stories always make me smile 🙂 true, relationships aren’t easy, but you both showed that it’s really not about the lovey-dovey moments alone, but walking together to make it work 🙂 an inspiration!

Hey Esther… Thanks for the note 🙂 Still lots to learn. Lessons on relationships are lifelong…! Life is very real – but so is love. It does conquer all fear and weaknesses.

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All in one app. I adore this fishfinder.

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