The Scribbler

Your typical girl next door who lives to fulfill life’s passions whether at work or at play. An eternal optimist who sees and ceases opportunities that come her way. And one who believes that life is too short to be mucking around – that’s why I’m married to an incredible man who has a vision for things we both believe in.

I believe in God, for who He is and for what He has done. A huge chunk of our life (hubs and me) revolves around His church and His people – ultimately He is the Reason for this breath we breathe. We are passionate about people – their unique personalities and stories they bring with them. I’m especially excited when it comes to children – it makes my day when I see a child’s face brighten up at the sight of simplest things – like a rainbow in the sky or bright red round nose on clowns face.

Finally… we are feisty about our need to see the world before we turn old and grey. We have an endless list of destinations to visit, a myriad of cultures we have yet to see and an abundance of landscapes waiting for us to behold. Life is full of discoveries and every new day dawns a fresh revelation. Writing is one of the ways I best share it.

Enjoy the read…

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