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December 28, 2007

The Great Adventure in Melbourne

It’s a yearly occasion where the family takes time off for a holiday together. Last year we were in Bangkok and that was a week of city madness! This year in conjunction with Josh’s (my bro’s) graduation, we headed down south to Melbourne. In 7 days we captured 3000 over photos (of which a few […]

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March 2, 2007

Perth Revisited – with the Ooi’s

Excitement was beyond me as the holiday mood preceded the actual day we took off. Work kept me at bay, but the morning of the 15th finally arrived and I was allowed to spring into full blown excitement! A month before this, Terence and I had meticulously drawn out a power packed itinerary. While I […]

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Perth revisited – Up up and away we go!

We were headed north to Yanchep National Park. I’ve heard loads about it even during my studies (about how the wild flowers bloomed during the season) and this my chance to see it for myself. It’s odd how they segregate national parks in Australia. Where are the exact boundaries? How in the world could animals […]

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Perth revisited – Returning to the City

The morning opened to peaceful stillness and gentle stream of sun lighting the room. I’m under the snuggled under plush blankets and laying on my feather pillow. This is what I call a holiday! Alright get my booties up and be ready to get soiled. Walk down the farm and meet the hungry llamas, sheep, […]

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Perth revisited – Rotto alas!

Rotto that’s what the Aussies call it – Rottnest Island to be specific. Again it has been brought to my attention a million times but I have not visited the place! Until now… The weather was perfect for a day out on an island. The girls (Chi Yenn, Hazel and I) were going to picnic […]

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Perth revisited – My dream come true!

Stifling my expectations from sky rocketing, we arrived at the Dolphin Discovery Center nice and early in hope to catch some. I didn’t want to expect, lest I be disappointed with none. As the morning ticked away, we were ushered into a hut that opened up to a bay. The centers’ volunteers patiently waited for […]

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Perth revisited – Great South Western

Unraveling the morning with a stroll along the Blackwood River, the town still asleep but nature was at full bloom. I almost felt as if I was intruding the tranquility of the river. After soaking in the morning hours, there awaiting us was Jewel Cave, just off Augusta. I’ve explored a few caves but never […]

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Perth revisited – Last leg of the journey

4 ½ hours back to Perth. 13 road kills throughout our road journey. Having seen, oceans, bays, forests, cave, deserts, barren land, farms and man made marvels, it was time to get on a plane – Malaysia bound. What an incredible holiday it has been… Now it makes me even more eager to hop on […]

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