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April 6, 2013

Honey, has it been half a decade already?

Moments before the sun melted into the horizons. Taken in Auckland during our honeymoon in 2008. Time flies when we are having fun and the seasons are seamless, one rolling into the other. Today, Terence and I celebrate our 5th anniversary with so much to reminisce on and even much more to look forward to. […]

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April 14, 2010

Two years and counting

We’ve reached yet another milestone in our marriage, though our wedding was 2 years ago, the celebration continues (everyday). It’s been an incredible adventure thus far. Sure we have our squabbles, rifts and not-so-great-days, but conflicts only makes us a better person, a stronger couple – if we choose to work through it. One of […]

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May 7, 2009

Snapshots after a year

Photos are the best way of capturing milestones in life. Journaling too! But when I’m old and gray and when my memory starts fading away, photos will carry the essence of the moment and bring back to the good ‘ol days. Ah well! I’m not about to write a biography… Before celebrating our 1st anniversary […]

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April 6, 2009

We reached our first milestone!

First are always significant. They leave lasting imprints in our lives, create a wealth of memories to look back on and act as a launch pad to aim higher and dig deeper. I vaguely remember my first step as a child, but those first steps have taken me to mountains and terrains beautiful to behold. […]

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June 18, 2008

Updates on our wedding website

Two months going on three months as hubby and wifey. The frenzy of settling down into our little abode has come to a standstill. We’ve gotten back into the routine of our separate professions. Aside from work, there are a couple of exciting new projects we’re dabbling with. We’ve also made a few trips out […]

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May 15, 2008

Our Wedding Video

Having gone through the tedious but exceptionally fulfilling route of wedding planning, we realize that we didn’t need to empty our pockets and drain our bank accounts in order to make ‘the’ day memorable. I strongly encourage all soon-to-be-weds and those eventually planning to tie the knot to start with a realistic budget and work […]

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May 6, 2008

Our long awaited videos

It’s live! We finally posted our sky diving and bungy videos! Check them out! Share

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May 3, 2008

Facts and finding of our honeymoon

Here are some facts and numbers we gathered throughout our honeymoon. No… we’re no mathematician but it’s fun when numbers come into play. Terence carries a little black book and diligently jots down every single detail! 12,000 feet was the height we sky dived. Equivalent to about 500-600 double storey houses stacked on top of […]

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