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November 9, 2007

Sights of Bangkok in 48 hours

Busy streets of Bangkok. MBK the largest shopping mall in the city (very much like Sungei Wang) An old abandon Inn right next to the BTS. Its blood red walls is an instant eye catcher. A common sight on the streets as children squat and sit on sidewalks begging for money. Sometimes you can even […]

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November 8, 2007

Hunt for the groom’s suit

Let’s just say it was a breeze getting Terence’s suit done. Somehow things to do with fashion, men just have it easier then ladies. We were recommended by a friend to go this tailor as his workmanship was commendable. Even more convenient when we found that the tailor was situated in the same building as […]

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Hunt for the wedding dress

So we returned Bangkok a week ago with overflowing bags and satisfied grins across our faces. Our search for bridal wear was a huge success. Strolling over half a dozen bridal shops and finally choosing ‘the’ dress is a real relieve and half a chunk bitten off our pockets. I’d rather not think about that […]

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November 2, 2007

Bridal shopping in Bangkok!

Flying again!? YES! We’re up for an agenda packed weekend. Terence and I booked tickets to Bangkok earlier this year in hope to get our wedding attire at a much cheaper price. We got the scoop from some of Terence’s colleagues as they did the same for their wedding too. Since we need an extra […]

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January 10, 2007

Bangkok Rendezvous – Part One

Seven days in Bangkok is more than enough to roam the city. The sounds of traffic, roaring of buses and taxis, tuk tuk’s weaving in and out, people, people and more people everywhere and not mention the inability to scout out flat grounds since 360 degrees are sky scrapers! I’m almost relieved to be back […]

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Bangkok Rendezvous – Part Two

Day Three: Last breakfast at Chinatown before we headed to Grand President! Arrived at the hotel and was elated at the suite! It was a stark difference from the previous one. We then went down south of the city to the Chao Phraya riverside. Since Oriental Hotel has been given much reviews about it’s ambiance […]

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Bangkok Rendezvous – Final Part

Day Five: Parents were to leave in the afternoon. We hung around in the hotel, walked the streets, had breakfast in the hotel and bid my parents farewell. “Please make sure all 3 of you stay together” “Don’t venture on your own ah…Debbie”… (I sense my parents are quite worried over my over ambitious nature […]

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